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自反而縮,雖千 萬人吾往矣。
- 孔子 Confusius
I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and
what is immoral is what you feel bad after.
- Ernest Hemingway

code of practice


1. On  Commercial Practice
- We value all our customer without discrimination, regardless of their age, sex, race and occupation.
- We shall take all measures to ensure our activities complying with the relevant legislation, regulation and standard.
- We always act in the interest of customer within the limits of our responsibilities as a vendor.
- We  commit only if we truefully believe that we are competent to perform and not hesitate to obtain additional expertise from appropriately qualified individuals where advisable.
- We believe that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.
- We support fair and open competition based upon general commercial enthics in pursuit of business opportunities.

2. On Computer Information and Technology
- We value the data of our customer as physical wealth. We take all reasonable measures to ensure their integrity and protect confidential information from inadvertent or deliberate improper access or use
- We admit open standard,  respect intellectual property right and support open source code movement.
- We keep neutral stance to all hardware and software vendors and never be fanatic to brand names or high sounding technology without studying their feasibility in terms of cost performance.
- We have and will never be hypocritical to say "Customers are always right" when we find that they are wrong to our best knowledge.
- We shall seek to upgrade our professional knowledge and skill and shall maintain awareness of relevant technological developments, procedures and standards

3. On Graphic Arts and Design
- We  must be fair in criticism and shall not denigrate the work or reputation of a other designer
- We shall not accept instructions from a client which involve infringement of another person's property rights without permissions, or consciously act in any manner involving any such infringement
- We shall not compete with other designers for any job by accepting inadequate compensation, or promising to receive compensation only if our design is accepted or used.

1 一般商業守則
- 對顧客一視同仁,童叟無欺。
- 奉公守法。
- 常以顧客利益為先。
- 不輕諾寡信。
- 因貨定價,不將貨就價,以質素作公平競爭。

2 電腦資訊操作守則
- 確保顧客資訊安全完整,私隱獲尊重。
- 認同公開標準,尊重智識產權,支持開放源碼運動。
- 對各軟、硬件及技術供應商保持中立;不盲信名牌或高新科技,以成本效益作判斷。
- 有需要時不放棄提點顧客錯誤之專業責任,不盲從『顧客永遠是對的』之虛偽教條。
- 終身學習,精益求精。

3 藝術及設計守則
- 不作不公允評論詆譭同行作品或聲譽。
- 不承接涉侵害第三者智識產權工作。
- 不以無償服務或作『如不滿意,不必付費』之承諾掠奪客戶,損害行業尊嚴。

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