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When entering the brave new world of digital art, an artist will find that digital technology is a double-edge sword. On the one hand he has tremendous degree of freedom in creation that he has never experienced before, supposing he well masters the technical knowhow involved. Nevertheless, on the other hand, he may feel frustrated and even helpless with all the the pre-production and post-production processes compressed together on his hand. Conventional division of labour is no longer necessary and it becomes much more demanding to the artist. Even an affordable home computer can do a lot of things which must be accomplished in laboratory or studio equipped with expensive equipments in the past. Consequently, without the appropriate expertise in both the artistic creation and computer technology, one may never tell if a primitive idea would work well or not. Our technical consultancy service has made us a good working partner with a lot a artists, traders or manufacturers. Please visit our "customer support" web-pages for more information We have created some reference guides in PDF format for the public to download free of charge. They may serve as a useful reference in the process of design. And , our most valuable assets are our works and experiences accumulated in the last few decades. We maintain a quite large volume of still images and photos created by our own selves for artwork production. Since 2005, we start to add our library with animation and video clips. This not only lowers the cost of pre-press production process, but also simplifies the authentication procedure in using third parties' clip art. Even when our current stock images do not meet the specific need of customer, our digital photography service would be able to supplement the temporary deficiency. 
由於傳統印前工序完全壓縮至桌面電腦,而各種輸出用途都須要先行作不同處理,美工人員的技術須要更為全面和專業,不熟悉後期製作生產,即使有上佳意念,亦 無法付諸實行。我們特別擅長不同技術的整合,無論印刷、熨金、彩噴、雕刻、多媒體播放都能快速提出可行性評估。歡迎瀏覽我們的支援網頁"customer support",查看更多資料。 我們更將部份內部工作指引及參考資料免費提供予公眾下載, 而我們最寶貴的資產是過去數十年累積的經驗和創作成果, 我們管有數以萬計自行攝製之圖像庫作平面設計素材用, 不單能減輕印前製作成本, 更免除採用第三者素材時之版權查證程序. 甚至在圖庫內容未克需求時, 可即時採用數碼攝影服務攝製所需圖像.

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