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What is now proved was once only imagined.

-William Blake, The Mariage of Heaven and Hell

victoria harbour panorama viewStill missinng the finest grain of roll film and resist to accept the quality of digital photos? Now it's the time to change your prejudice against digital photography. At least, most pro-sumer DCs can beat the 35mm traditional film camera easily in photo equipmentterms of photo print quality or money cost. The left preview photo was composed of a series of digital photos taken by a 5MP DC on a sunny day in 2004. We'd licensed to our customer for printing outdoors vinyle banner of the size up to 4ft x 20ft and proved to exhibit amazing quality without any complaint. The quality of digital photos taken with the latest digital camera can now match up with those taken by 35mm cameras. For instance, the quality of a 5 mega pixel foto printed at 120dpi expressed in terms of the visibility of grain is somewhat identical to the print enlarged with 35mm film. The cost of printing has been getting lower over time. 
Theoretically, digital photos or images can be stored on disk or CDR permanently without deterioration. They can be easilty shared with others or processed for publishing purposes.  
On the contrary, traditional film, slide or photo must be "scanned" into the computer before they are being processed. Now we have completely replace 35mm or even 6x6 cm film camera with digital cameras in taking foto of size up to A3 (i.e. at 300dpi for offset printing). Check our latest extra-large poster by visiting our free image web site "http://ImageBank.um-gallery.net"

現 在一般數碼相機的質素已能跟 35mm 甚至 6x6cm 相機看齊或超越,以35mm 菲林放大成16"x20"的照片微粒作標準,一具500萬像素的數碼相機以 120dpi 之密度打印便能得出相若效果,沖曬照片的成本亦拾級而下。數碼相或數碼圖像能永久保存在磁碟或光碟中,可視乎需要,輸出印製各種尺寸之高密度彩色圖像、製 作網頁、印刷品或簡報幻燈片之用,甚至可以將圖像修改或加添特殊效果。我們採用 10.2 MP 級別數碼攝影機製作商品目錄,解像度(精度)相當接近傳統 6 x 7cm 底片的質素, 加快工作流程外,更節省成本。 在印刷出版方面,印前工序早已全面數碼化,傳統之軟片,燈片或圖片,在輸出前反而需要先行作電腦素描輸入轉換為數碼圖像以方便處理。我們採用超高光學解像 度達之專業級平台素描器和軟片素描器,並悉心調較,素描質素達專業水平;如有更高要求而預算許可,亦可選用滾桶素描器,在圖像清晰度、色彩還原能力和印刷 品去網能力都非常出色,適合高質印刷的要求。欲審視數碼視影的效果, 可往我們的共享圖庫-"http://ImageBank.um-gallery.net" 參觀。


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