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When most people in the world are used to go on the net for information or even shopping, it can be imagined that the historic role of press as the major communication media will be replaced by electronic media. On the physical layer, CD and DVD had demonstrated their remarkable advantages over traditional paper media in their storage capacity when they emerged. Now high density usb storages have almost replaced CD in ordinary application and high capacity blue ray disc has made DVD become obsolete in the entertainment industry. On the logical layer, the "html" and "pdf" data formats support multimedia plugin or extension which powerful functions definitely outperform the paper media in communication. And, of course, the most important consideration among all factors is the cost of production. A lot of people still misconceive that the cost of producing ebooks or web-pages is too high to afford. In fact the cost per page in ebook or web page publication is much lower than printing. Think about the the fact that a 5.25inch CD costs you less than a US dollar but carries over thousands of traditional pages of text and image. If you publish your work on the internet, the only cost is the internet connection fee. Even the cost for the creation of artwork is relatively lower for electronic or internet publishing except you demand for more like multimedia plugin features. Take our strategy as example, we rely on internet as the major channel for delivering message to our customer or the public. In some occassions, we release electronic catalouge on CD-R to customers. Paper media such as flyer is only distributed occasionally when it is thought to be necessary. 


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The following URLs will bring you to some of the web-sites which are designed, built and maintained by us. With as low as a hundred Hong Kong Dollars a month, your company can own a show case accessible to people all over the world. We don't think that it can totally replace the trade fair or physical showroom right now. Yet they are complementary. Just visit them and think about the prospective value of a website to your business.

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All the time we uphold the idea that we should grow with our customers. To facilitate them with the necessary DIY techiques and knowledge for the maintenance of a web site, we have built the following site for the provision of all those basic technical knowhow free of charge. Our customers may choose to maintain the site which we build for them by their ownselfves to reduce the cost.

web building tutorial for dummy
Click to enter our free tutorial site for 
web-building <http://web4dummy.um-gallery.com>

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