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it product
IT Product

OEM and ODM order welcome for bulk order. Don't forget to quote the most up-to-date price. As a smart merchandiser, you should know that it keeps going down all the time.

crystalwareGem and Crystal Products

Two More New series of  crystal ware exhibiting fusion of elegant design and state of art technology unveiled. Click "HERE (crystal_index.html)" for details


Qualtity Kitchenware

Every piece of  quality kitchen is not just a vessel for serving food or drink. The strict standard our business partner adopted in the process of production from product design, manufacaturing  to packaging is intended for the establishment  a really promising brandname in kitchenware and homeware. Click the image for more information.

personal sealSeal Art  東西印藝薈粹

When east meets west, in the art of personal seal engraving, which will impress you more? Click the above images to see how personal seals can serve as a special gift for someone special.

classical stationeryClassical Stationery

Our clients range from walk-in individuals to corporate customers, social service organization, education institution and government departments. Most of them come by referral from old customers. We have strong knowledge background in both the traditional arts & crafts and modern technology relating to advertising, printing and information technology. We also have good connection with a number of reliable vendors who are direct producers or technical personnels working on job-order basis. Therefore, our operation cost is minimized and out perform those sales-oriented advertising companies. Our colleagues can provide you a direct and concrete advice about the feasibility of a production plan or we can work out a number of solutions for your choices. If you are in need of such services, please call us on 852-2365 9900 during office hours and make an appointment with us at your convenience. "UOB(United Overseas Bank) Purchase Card" is welcome for all Government Departments or Corporations.
我們從事工藝品之銷售及廣告宣傳禮品之生產,並以現代之生產概念和技術結合傳統工藝,現時業務已擴展至各類廣告製作及印刷等;我們更不斷 開發新的技術提升成本效益,如桌面出版及數碼圖像多媒體的應用等。客戶遍及政府部門、社會服務團體及工商機構。憑藉我們對各種工藝技術的認識與及廣泛之商 業連繫,免除大部份中間人之費用,以低於傳統廣告公司的成本提供產品和服務。如有任何查詢,請致電(852) 23659900,當盡所能給予解答。政府部門或各大機構歡迎使用"大華銀行採購咭" (由2007年4月26日起,停止接受匯豐採購咭)。

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